“Warm, engaging and enthralling speaker.” St Augustin’s High School

“… expansive and thought-provoking” Fountainbridge Library

“A captivating author, who engages young people from the second she starts talking.” Boroughmuir High School

“It was the first time I’ve seen pupils from younger years to be so silent and engaged throughout the whole presentation.” Sixth form pupil about S2 class.

“An outstanding and natural speaker…thought-provoking and challenging but also articulate, warm, accessible and often very funny. Liz captivated and instantly engaged our pupils with her talk.” Trinity Academy

New events

I live in Scotland and, in principle, I’m happy to travel anywhere to speak at festivals, schools and other events for young people (minimum age 11) and adults.  I’m also available via the Live Literature Programme at the Scottish Book Trust – please see my author profile.

Black Snow Falling explores cross-curricular themes for pupils age 11+. I offer:

  1. Interactive ‘Story of the Book’. A visual presentation with two interspersed readings from Black Snow Falling followed by Q&A. I pitch my talk and slides according to the age and stage of the pupils, supporting their engagement. Themes can include: early science as heresy, 16th century dynamics, sexism and prejudice, subverting masculine and feminine archetypal journeys, #HeForShe, fighting the ‘monsters’ of today, fantasy, Jung and the shadow self / does evil exist?
  2. Creative writing workshops inspired by the novel.

These are supported by inspiring activity suggestions. Please get in touch to discuss what would work best for you.

Past events

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018Feisty Fantasy with Alice Broadway, Coping with Change with Melvin Burgess and Steven Camden, and an Imprisoned Writers reading.

Golden Hare Books – Dramatised reading with actor Rupert Smith; Q&A.

Interesting Times Book Tour – Waterstone’s Argyle Street, Glasgow & Blackwell’s Edinburgh November 2 & 3 2018. Features Tracey Mathias (Night of the Party) and Rowena House (The Goose Road) and L.J. MacWhirter (Black Snow Falling). Dates for Spring ’19 tour dates coming soon.

Fountainbridge Library – Book Group (adult) 19 November 2018.  “Liz was effusive, engaging and energetic, making really interesting, expansive and thought-provoking comments.” Simon Brown, librarian.

Boroughmuir High School – Presentation on Creating Stories to 100 S3 pupils studying Creative Writing 21 November 2018. Watch the video of Q&A on my facebook page.

“A captivating author, who engages young people from the second she starts talking.” Fiona Aleksandrowicz, librarian, Boroughmuir High School.


Tynecastle High School – ‘Story of the Book’ presentation to 40 S1 pupils (12 years old) 22 November 2018

St Augustin’s High School – ‘Story of the Book’ presentation to 30 S2 pupils (13 years old) 23 November 2018 “Warm, engaging, enthralling speaker. Liz treated children with respect and openness… a meaningful talk which made the audience think. It was like a proper conversation.” Mike Spells, Librarian, St Augustin’s High School.


“Magical and memorable event, catching younger and older generations. Liz managed perfectly to get the attention of younger pupils, which is usually not expected, and they followed her across the whole presentation.” Sixth form pupil assisting the librarian at St Augustin’s School, Broomhouse, Edinburgh.

Trinity Academy – ‘Story of the Book’ presentation to 40 S2 pupils (13 years old) 10 January 2019 “Liz was exceptionally well prepared. Her detailed and informative powerpoint and ‘Black Snow Falling’ display board both immediately highlighted that this was a professional author at work, and this was then consolidated with her talk in which her natural bubbliness and enthusiasm immediately drew our pupils in.                  

Her use of a question bag was a master touch, and not something that we had seen at Trinity before. Our pupils are notoriously shy and reserved, and this was a really good way of getting them involved in the talk without having to go through the social awkwardness of being seen to come up with questions in front of their peers.

‘Black Snow Falling’ focuses on potentially difficult and heavyweight topics – sexism, banned books, loss of hope and middle ages science – but Liz struck that delicate balance well between pushing our second years’ intelligence and not overwhelming them.”