L J on her roots

“Be Strong!” Rewriting the cultural narrative.

My guest blog post for academic / illustrator Elizabeth Dulemba reveals some of the historical sources I used to write BLACK SNOW FALLING, and why, in rewriting this cultural narrative about women, I chose not to give my protagonist, Ruth, any super-powers, despite the fantasy element of the story. 

Interesting Times UK Bookshop Tour

Blog by fellow YA author Tracey Mathias on our Interesting Times Book Tour

Tracey Mathias

From C16th England, to First World War France, to a dystopian near-future UK, the INTERESTING TIMES tour spans countries and centuries. Black Snow Falling by Liz MacWhirter, The Goose Road by Rowena House and my own Night of the Party are diverse and different novels. At first glance about the only thing they have in common is that they’re all UK debuts published this year!

But when we came together with the idea of doing a bookshop tour, and started to discuss our books in more depth we found a common thread running through all of them.

These are all stories where big histories have an impact on individual lives: where cultural, social and political forces create constraints and challenges for the people caught up in them. In these three different worlds, our teen protagonists have to struggle to survive, to carve out a space for action, to pursue their…

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