GDPR, you and me. The obligatory statement.

Hello. Please bear with me as we run through this boring but necessary statement about what I do, or more to the point, don’t do with your data.

You only need to read this if you have shared your email address with me.

Don’t worry, I promise to be good. I won’t flog your details to anyone else. I will not share the information with anyone without your permission. It’s behind bars and can’t get out.

What you need to know: 

  • I might have your email address in my Gmail contacts list. When you email me or send a contact form through this website, Gmail automatically saves your email to my contacts list. There are no hard copies of this anywhere – more inefficiency than planning!
  • If you follow my blog on this wordpress site, the details you sign up with will be in the website’s database. If I set up Mailchimp, your details will also be stored there.
  • If you ask me to delete your data, I will do it. If you want to unsubscribe from my blog (or Mailchimp when it happens), you can do it yourself, quietly, without me noticing ;-)
  • If a child emails me about my writing, I might unwittingly email back if I don’t realise they are a child. If I realise they are a child, I will respond publicly through my blog or my Facebook author page L.J. MacWhirter – novelist.
  • You need to know that I work alone, there’s no one else who can access your data. Ergo I am my own Data Protection Officer.
  • Because I write copy for clients, to protect them I use password protection on my mac and phone. So no one can access the details. (Unless they are hackers, fishing around.)


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