A poesis with dreamy medieval poetics at ‘Finncon’, Helsinki, 2022

Mid-way through my PhD is proving to be an exciting, generative time. Not least for the opportunities to give papers at international conferences such as Finncon in Finland. My visit to Aalto University in Helsinki was supported by a College of Arts Research Support Award and Publishing Scotland’s Author International Travel Fund.  ‘Hope and Resilience’… Continue reading A poesis with dreamy medieval poetics at ‘Finncon’, Helsinki, 2022

Research funded by the University of Glasgow

The second year of my PhD started with two funded trips enabling inspiring research on location, following desk research at home during the pandemic. For context, my PhD is a creative and critical response to ontological suffering in a pre-modern context that resonates with contemporary interest; that is to say, among other themes it draws… Continue reading Research funded by the University of Glasgow

Fake Dance-Off by Liz MacWhirter

FAKE DANCE-OFF by Liz MacWhirter Experimental piece for University of Glasgow PhD, in the style of FOUCAULT AND PENCIL by Lydia Davies Touch button on iPhone to record husband dancing on video. Act of touching button on iPhone alters angle of screen so bottom of lampshade now in view. Stop video, tell husband to stop… Continue reading Fake Dance-Off by Liz MacWhirter