Lady Macbeth by Liz Macwhirter

Experimental piece for my creative practice PhD at the University of Glasgow. LADY MACBETH As a woman, you’d think she’d be used to blood. A queen now, but she has butchered animals in her time – given thanks as she cut meat to strengthen her own flesh. Her monthly discharges, rinsing bloodied cloths, her fluids… Continue reading Lady Macbeth by Liz Macwhirter

Fake Dance-Off by Liz MacWhirter

FAKE DANCE-OFF by Liz MacWhirter Experimental piece for University of Glasgow PhD, in the style of FOUCAULT AND PENCIL by Lydia Davies Touch button on iPhone to record husband dancing on video. Act of touching button on iPhone alters angle of screen so bottom of lampshade now in view. Stop video, tell husband to stop… Continue reading Fake Dance-Off by Liz MacWhirter